Wednesday, 2 May 2012

5 - Dino Bones/ Rendering

Ah finally out from the cold but into the warmth. The new walk museum, which I enjoyed very much. It was nice and comforting sitting in the museum with given stools and putting your music on and drawing away.

The museum also offered interesting objects like Dino Bones, Animals (stuffed) little Ornaments and Artefacts, really cool and plenty to choose from for study.

Here some practise attempts of Dino bones, Tried to break down parts and as well the connection with the bones to each other and how the form and surfaces of the bones are when observed and drawn.

Here are better renders of bones, as you can see  I tried to get a sense of depth from variation of shade and texture of the surface by rendering with different mark making.

As well I thought to have some practise from some of the stuffed animals there, quite a challenge in drawing them because it's something different just like the bones that I haven't drawn before.

My Final Drawing

This is my final drawing in pencil. I tried to capture the whole Dinosaur, however I didn't quite render everything but I felt the parts I took time in, I am quite proud of shading the structure and form of the dinosaur on how it bends round the surface with the light and shadow.
Still there is some proportion errors and need more accuracy in drawing the bones correct. But I tried to draw as if the bones of the hands was in front and larger because I was viewing it like that when I was drawing.

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