Wednesday, 2 May 2012

3 - Two Point Perspective (street scene)

Now in this project we have moved from 1 PP and now on 2 PP.

Which the differculty just went up.

I still very much enjoy 2 PP and specially where we was doing it around Leicester City Centre. A lot of old and interesting buildings and  I enjoyed the practise of  getting terms with architectural drawings and to break it down into simple shapes to begin -with and build up levels of detail with the 2 PP rule. 

It gets quite differecult with ledge and repeated windows to make them all level and correct. It can get tedious with that repetition, I guess because it's quite hard and by more practise it comes a lot easier.

Top one is just some notes copied from the lecture examples on the white board.

Left one is another practise in class, drawing an object in 2 PP way.

On the left, now were out side and around the University and I am just understanding 2 PP with simple shapes of the buildings around.

Here some other ones, I quite struggled with the 2 PP as you can see not much details are drawn. Just trying to get the actual rule right. As well we all agreed that you need a lot of width of space on the page for the lines of the VP to follow back into. Otherwise can look to 'cramped'.

This is my Final Drawing

Yeah this final kinder led into 1 PP with a hint of 2 PP. I really quite struggled with this, because of trying to render reflective surfaces  and as well details of the shops and seating area. However I am still always pleased in understanding my weaknesses and strengths and how to improve my self into putting more effort into my drawings.

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