Thursday, 3 May 2012

15/16 Interesting 70's Character Project

The 70's Interesting Character Project, was a pretty an good project because it allowed you to do a bit of history searching in the 70's and then create something from that into a character.

So I had an interest from 70s band called K I S S. Which I really admire the make-up and costume and also a Band now which is called Black Veil Bride, which was influence by Kiss. I thought their added style combined with Kiss, could make something original.

Here is an quick concept of my 70 character. I felt that the features and style of BVB guy, felt more appealing towards what I was aiming for a Gothic Heavy Metal  Singer. I quite like the costume design and the make up that I done. However if I had more time, a lot more variation. I think the middle one, his body looks too small and his head doesn't look right on that, though I really like all the costumes. 

My Final Painting

 This is the grey scale version I worked on. I really felt merging and combining a lot of elements from my draft concepts from the belt buckles, leather jacket and the white design part. I felt I didn't want to over complicate the face with pierces or tattoos and I put spot lights in the back that gives the thought of a 'metal band singer'. Hopefully got the proportions correct.

This is a colour version, of my 70's character. I used the overlay and blended the colours with soft brush and other brushes. I had some critiques that the light should be a lot brighter that the lights behind him that would give him a stronger silhouette of light a there is three big spotlights shining on his back, which my character almost looks ghostly in a way that the light shining through him. Which I totally agree to be fair, this was last minute so I did struggle in doing this correct.

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