Thursday, 3 May 2012

11 - Ninth Floor Dreams

These are one of my many references for the 9th floor project which I was gathering a lot of material and ideas for the new move next year for our course. It is obviously all hypothetical for which the lectures wanted us to understand and for us to practise concepting interior design.
 These are a few blue print designs of the 9th floor. Which we had complete freedom in knocking out walls if we wish or the layout of the classrooms, doing these blueprints was good to learning curve, but felt to limited and controlled which got annoying.
We had freedom to express our ideas by doing it 2D or 3D. I thought to show my ideas using 3D max from fur thing on from the Blue Prints I done. I wish I had more time making each objects a lot more convincing, however I thought this is only design purpose and pitching my idea with simple shapes for which the client can visualise the detail object there. 
Well I thought it be nice if our course had a library for which we could sit and read and look at many sources of material and as well have an eating canteen area for when we have our lunch or make a drink because there isn’t really anything at the moment.
This is my 3D overview of the 9th Floor Project, it is quite appealing seeing it in 3D and I am quite happy that I chose to concept my ideas in this method. I felt I should of done a lot more in doing some painting.

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