Thursday, 3 May 2012

10 - Reef Character Project - 1

Starting the new semester with fresh motivation and outlook on the course, I felt the Christmas break, made me realise the time and effort you have to put in the course, which I know I am going to do a lot better this semester in studying a lot harder for myself to get better.

In the Reef project we had to create a humanoid character, by doing the Design, Analyse and Test, process, from which it leads us in finalising our character in orthographical view  for when we traditionally sculpt it, also create a concept and place our character in a location for our final.

Here are a few of my organic life form sketches from a book I loaned from the library. This was just practise and understanding what type of shapes and different organisems, that could help my imagenation when I get my ideas more direct

I just did a quick pencil sketches that I tried to get some different 
variation of design. They are not really fantastic but it was my first time doing this.

I used felt tips with colour to give it more diverse. Taking time and doing this, felt it was very beneficial because it opened my mind into seeing and understanding new creatures, with the body and shapes/ design that I wouldn't thought otherwise.
Now, I am on creating and designing my character, but It felt hard on approaching and knowing what method is there to try. So I searched around and doing Silhouettes can be really effective and a good starting point.

I thought to keep it more traditional base still for practise and getting some drafts down and I began with  doing  fast small thumb character drawings, to which led me to do more but with pen which trying a different medium can change your drawing style.

 After I’d then used my black felt tip pen and carried out the silhouettes method. I wasn’t aiming at accurate proportions but enough to give it believability and it was only the shape of the silhouette that counts.

I did have a quick experiment with drawing many times of heads I could imagine, trying to be original as possible. Even though these are not greatly drawn, I still think some are not that bad

since we had to get our character in an orthographical view, I knew it be wise to have practise in doing this.  I drew a male model in the three different pose positions, Back, Front and Side-on that carefully understanding the proportions and anatomy.

This was my first made up Pencil sketch of a human character. I quite like some of its design and armour, I tried to put some of the early organic drawings I did, with some of that influence in this. However I felt I wanted to do a more creative character and with the opportunity of humanoid, why not.

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