Wednesday, 2 May 2012

6 - Bradgate Park/ Rendering

Out from the warmth and back into the cold, though Bradgate Park offers beautiful scenery and landscapes and plenty of natural organic objects to draw from.

We basically have to put what we learn't from the previous projects and collaborative it all into Bradgate Park. Finding a good scene and landscape from which we have to think of composition and perspective, with natural lighting and the other fundamentals that follows.

Here are some small thumbnails of areas of interest. I did really struggle with drawing from Bradgate, as felt I forgot the practise of perspective and just re remembering it all again.

I thought to attempt some digital thumbnails which I only done small amount of digital painting practise since this course and on this course. I notice that I have lack of variation of interest  and contrast within the values, though still the practise attempt of doing this was very beneficial and critiquing afterwards very important for my progression.
This is my Final 

I really thought it was a lazy and rush attempt, I did this by using the felt tip pens, not really impressed with this and nothing to say, however I still want to revisit this and do it again.

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