Monday, 7 May 2012

17- Masters Study

The Master Project was an good fun project. It made me realise and remember that there loads of really unique and fascinating styles that really inspirational. I couldn't settle on an Artist straight away, so I visited the library to broaden my scope on new artist and styles.

I loaned a few artist books, Ragazza Con Tamburello and Mona. I really like the artist and love the styles but I just struggled trying to study the work.

So I went back to a few artist I know and did a few studies from each one of them;

- Masters Portraits Studies, charcoal studies

- Leonardo_Di_Vinci, digital painting attempt

- Dante_Rosseti, final digital painting

- Impressionist final traditional

 This is one of Mona's works that I tried to attempt with some acrylic paints. This was a small study to see if I can understand his style and have a go in replicating it. However I made a little mistake in having the blue as a wash, which caused rest of the paints to have different colour.

I feel I need to do a lot more in traditional medium, specially painting because this would not only contribute to my digital painting, but the energy and the commitment with traditional painting can sometimes feel much more rewarding when using it.

I am still happy with this attempt, learn't what I can't do for which to improve on.

Jacopo Da Pontormo 
Head of a Women

Master Project Warm Up in Charcoa
I feel I got the angle of the head wrong, should be titled
more straight and as well my shading isn't quite good. Happy with the warm up to see how well I do.

Michelangelo Buonarroti
Head in Profile

Master Project Warm Up in Charcoal
Still their is some good likeness in here, but I need to watch myself not making lines up and follow the reference a bit more accurately.

Andrea Del Sarto
Head of an Apostle

Master Project Warm Up in Charcoal

Certain parts in which gives a good likeness but still few differences however really like the mark-making in this and probably my strongest attempt :)

Leonardo Da Vinci

This was an quite hard piece. I kinder gave up because of some proportional erros and I felt I like to come back to this and finish it another time.  Still happy to how I got to at this stage.

I could of took earlier shots to show process but here some minor ones when I was doing my Masters in Pastel. 

Here is my final in pastels. I really enjoyed doing this, was a good personal process in observation and understanding, because quite challenging in traditional medium to get things right. I believe from this exercise, I notice that I was picking up and understanding "Light and Dark" and different tones mixing together to give some depth and variation.

Here is my Master Study
 Dante Rossetti Beata Beatrix

Here is the process of my development stage 

Here is a larger scale, before I went to add colour
I thought it was useful way to start off in 
grey scale to understand the tone and value.

Here a quick over-lay colour, with a default dry-medium brush which gives a sense of noise/ scatter pixel.
Which I thought it be useful to use this type of brush
Because hopefully I can simulate painting on canvas

Just notice the reference I used was to dark even
though it 1080p quality, other images seemed a lot
better to use to paint.

My Final Painting

I've only capture so much of it, though I feel I learn't enough from this piece
There a lot of improvements still but I tried to capture the painting brush strokes and the canvas texture.

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