Wednesday, 2 May 2012

8 - Space Centre

The space centre, was really fun and inspiring, lots of awesome areas of interest and intriguing objects, information and nice atmosphere.

Here are some drawing and sketches of many things that were interesting. I was practising for a while with getting cyclical practise of the space shuttles and crafts that were there. It was a bit of a struggle with drawing them properly  and as well getting the details on the object looking correctly around the form. I quite enjoyed using the felt tips with the variation of greys and having dark value on top and around the shaded areas, to give it a pop.

After reviewing, my work and getting feedback from my lecturer, I felt my drawing improved a lot more with the shapes and subtle rendering and as well I tried to visualise a scene to capture the area of the space shuttle.
Here is an scene which I wanted some practise from and as well I used different medium each time to see different effects it presents. I still think the pencil one had the most accuracy to it. Though I like the experimentation. 

Here is my Final drawing

I thought to combined the both pencil and felt tip pens. This again like the bradgate was really rushed and not much care was taken into account. I will focus and redo this again.

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