Monday, 7 May 2012

19- Bradgate Park Study

Just like the Museum, we revisited  Bradgate Park, glad got a chance to get extra practise because felt my attempt on the Bradgate Park back in the first semester wasn't so good and my efforts and my skill has improved a lot more and I enjoy landscapes and need to get better at them.

Here are eight thumbnails that I done for myself to then choose and select which one I like to further on into a final.

I have improve on my perspective and the composition, though I think I need a bit more variation in contrast.

I have chosen the first thumbnail in which this was the same composition from the last semester. I felt I wanted more justice and see how much improvement I have and what I still need to improve on.

I feel my perspective has improved a lot more, but still lack in painting in organic objects and the environment.

I dislike the colour version, so I thought to to try to make it into grey scale to understand the value a lot more and can understand the form a lot better.  Had some critique by Tony, Victoria and Michal on the course that suggested, cropping of the image, lowering the road and putting in a fence in the foreground.

Bradgate Final Painting

I feel this was a good practise to understand light, dark and composition. Also painting organic objects such as trees, I need a lot more practise.

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