Wednesday, 2 May 2012

4 - Two Point Perspective (vehicle/car rendering)

We now had to advance from the Two Point Perspective but into vehicle/ car rendering. I didn't really had a good attempt to this and I feel I am in need of a lot more practise. I still really tried to understand but totally differ cult.

Just the lectures didn't really go through with us or teach or anything, we was just thrown out there and try and understand it our self, (which can be a good thing) but we didn't have a good starting structure to go from.

However it was still good to see on how I did go a bout it and how much I have improve since then in my observation and understanding.

I tried to start of with the X and the box and from the wheels, the base of it, as a friend of mine suggested and some from distance choosing a point of interest from the vehicle.

Our Lecture wanted us to try and stick with pencil though many of the students have attempted some digital paintings  and I felt I needed practise in this. I felt I needed to branch away from the pencil and try a different medium. 

I did this in PaintToolSai from my friend Vehicle as reference. I was quite pleased with how I am rendering it, at the moment. 

This is my Final Painting

I furthered this on, into a scene in Photoshop, since your able to do a lot more painting and manipulating, quite impress with this, from how I  tried to get a sense of scene and story of this vehicle that been abandoned and overtime been natured on. Still not perfect but I enjoyed the break away from pencil drawing which I expressed a lot better.

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